Vestek Industries

Dedicated facilities, centrally managed approach

Our focus is to assure that your system is engineered and manufactured to provide greater performance and long-term cost efficiency. Vestek’s stainless steel and alloy production facilities are built for cost-efficient and quality controlled fabrication. Our design-build process is centrally managed to assure the efficient flow of your project, from early concept through fabrication, testing and delivery.

  • Duplex Alloys, Hastelloy, ALX6N, Monel, Inconel and more
  • ASME stainless steel Division I and II, (Designed to) API-650, 650F and 620
  • CE/PED, U & R Stamps, DOT/UN, API
  • Insulation, sheathing, lining, coating, painting, finishing
  • Heat transfer surface, electric heat trace, UM dimple jacket & half pipe
  • Integrated piping, instrumentation, platforms and ladders
  • Hydro, radiography, dye penetrant, ultrasonic, helium gas test
  • RA finish, riboflavin, borescope, saline testing
  • Positive material identification (PMI)
  • Transportation logistics including our own trucking
Stainless steel & other alloys
Your single source for design engineering, specialized fabrication and related services